How Hemp Is Changing The Agricultural Industry

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An already established worldwide industry opportunity has landed in Australia, as the Hemp Industry forges its place in the Australian agricultural industry.

As an upcoming agent, Hemp Farms Australia has become the front runner in the upcoming hemp industry. The company was founded in 2013 by Lauchlan Grout and his partner Harrisson Lee.

“We started this with the belief that industrial hemp has an immense commercial viability in the Australian agribusiness sectors.”

Now as the popularity of hemp has sunk into the Australian business sector, Hemp Farms Australia has become a viable and integral part to the start of an industry boom.

With worldwide research on the viability of hemp and the looming concerns over the current sustainability of crops in Australia such as cotton crops, hemp has begun to look like a viable alternative.

“There is also a massive push for sustainable cropping in Australia, with the effect of climate change and growing population and the need for a more sustainable production of proteins, the hemp industry has a lot of potential for our environment and economy in Australia,” said Lauchlan.

The focus on the unstable nature of cotton crops, leads Australia to reconsider its options. With the legalisation of medicinal cannabis usage, hemp becomes an option for future crops in Australia.

Lauchlan Grout spoke of the benefits of hemp farming, and the sustainable nature of the product. He spoke highly of the cotton industry as an economic profit, but with global warming and population growth, alternative industries must now be considered.

“The cotton industry has been great for Australia and have caused a lot of good returns for Australian growers. The effect on soils, no one can ignore, the transition from growers growing the current crops to transitioning into hemp can be simply adding hemp into the cropping cycle.”

“If you can receive the same return from hemp as you can from cotton, I don’t see why you wouldn’t switch over to it if it’s going to have a more positive impact on the soil.”

Hemp Farms Australia is initiating the change of industry in Australia and providing an alternate option that before now has not been considered.

Lauchlan Grout spoke at the Hemp Health and Innovation exposition in Sydney on the 13th of May. Audiences were able to gain knowledge of the future of agriculture in Australia, and the options that have been discovered in the availability as well as viability of Hemp.

Article by SAVANNAH MEACHAM – Chattr