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Hemp Farms Australia Cultivar Overview

Hemp Farms Australia holds a unique range of hemp genetics purpose built for grain and fibre production throughout Australia’s varying climate.

Hemp Farms Australia (HFA) differentiates itself from its competitors by means of industrial hemp varieties that have been developed from well proven commercial seed stock. They have been specially selected for the increasing number of Australian farmers who recognise the value of including industrial cannabis in their farming system. We maintain a unique range of hemp varieties (or genotypes) that has been bred specifically to provide high grain and fibre yields when sown in all but the most extreme of Australia’s climate zones: from 16° to 32° S.

These varieties have been tested on a commercial scale and have undergone systematic improvement over a period of more than six years. HFA’s growers can expect grain yields ranging from 1,200 to 1,500 kg per hectare depending on which variety is chosen and the conditions of growth and management. Fibre yields of 16 – 20 MT per hectare have also been achieved with our King Gee 2.0 and Wongarra varieties.

Our team of agronomists has a combined 20 years of experience of helping hemp farmers maximise their industrial cannabis production across Australia. Our success has come from working together to expose our germ-plasm to a wide range of environmental conditions and farm systems over a period of seven years.

HFA prides itself on its genetic integrity, and supplies sowing seed that is less than three generations removed from breeder seed or that has passed through a selective rejuvenation program.

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