To fulfil our objective of building a sustainable supply chain for this budding industry within Australia, we knew we would require Growers to partner with us to ensure our vision was viable. The early days saw our Growing Licence used to research viable seed supply, rotational cropping, develop standard operating procedures and secure end markets. Our belief is that investing in research and documenting best-practice would support in attracting Growers committed to sustainability.

Our Hemp Grower’s Initiative aims to provide a rotational crop, or alternative crop, to farmers located in QLD and NSW. This will expand the scale of production whilst developing new varieties and diversifying to de-risk crop failure. HFA can also assist Growers with their applications for Industrial Hemp Growers Licenses, and maintaining this accreditation, provided Growers comply with necessary licensing requirements.

HFA’s team of Agronomists and Consultants, educated in both conventional and organic cropping systems, have utilised data from worldwide sources and combined local experience to develop Growing Standards and detailed procedures that comply with DPI Growing Guidelines. These Standard Operating Procedures were designed to enable our growers to sow, manage and harvest a successful Hemp crop. Our in-house team will guide our Growers to achieve successful crops with quality high yields.

HFA contracts both organic and conventional grain, with agreements detailing industry best practice and providing both buyers and sellers guidelines to comply with.

To help Growers focus on producing a high-quality crop, HFA have a network of established buyers and have dedicated resources to source additional suitable buyers to expand the network. Through our research, we have found Australian seed is of much better quality than most imported grain, and this has secured strong end markets for our growers.

HFA is committed to further research and development in Hemp cropping, and supporting Australian farmers to ensure Industrial Hemp reaches a competitive status in the commodity market.


We allow Growers to operate under our Growers License, and provide them with necessary Ag requirements.


Developed by our in-house team of Hemp Agronomists, our Standard Operating Procedures detail how to sow, manage and harvest a Hemp crop.


Aussies want Australian-grown Hemp. Our supply chain is focused on Australian manufacturers and retailers who share this value.

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