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With over 12 years combined experience in the Australian Hemp Industry, Hemp Farms Australia can provide bespoke consulting services tailored to each clients specific needs. We have experienced all the pitfalls and traps and can assist businesses in optimising their supply chain and processes whilst avoiding costly mistakes.


Cultivar Selection

With exclusive access to high performing varieties suitable for latitudes 16° S to -40° S, HFA can provide recommendations clients to ensure the varieties selected will yield the best possible results. The team at HFA have extensive knowledge on all varieties being used within Australia


Best Farming Practices

With over 12 years experience in the Primary production of Hemp, HFA and its team of agronomists can provide agronomical advice to both newcomers to the industry and seasoned veterans.


Primary Production Machinery/Equipment selection

At its roots HFAs experience and passion lies within the Primary production of industrial Cannabis. With over 12 years combined experience HFA knows what works, and can provide assistance selecting appropriate infrastructure for the primary production of hemp.


Industry Knowledge

With a combined total experience of 12 years in the Industrial Cannabis industry, HFA can provide valuable insight about the industry as a whole.



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