Hemp is a remarkable plant. It can be used in a variety of ways, from food and pet food, to cosmetics and nutraceuticals. Other parts of the plant can be used to make textiles such as rope and clothing, building materials, biodegradable plastics, fuel and animal bedding. With such a diverse range of uses, combined with increased knowledge about the plant, HFA believe Hemp has the potential to replace many unsustainable and inefficient commodities such as cotton.

With pending changes in human consumption laws dragging on for years, higher inflated prices and a demand that was yet to be filled locally, the industry has evolved and is barely recognizable. From monopolies on varieties, to processing and markets being broken, through to a marketplace that continues to become more competitive, the progression will leave inefficient practices and sub-par products behind. In addition, the demand has always existed for export markets, but was unviable due to export regulations. From HFA’s point of view, these changes have contributed to the increased commercial viability for both business and farming sectors.

The continuing transformation, and the prospect of a sustainable industry including exportation, the opportunity is attracting interest from many Wholesalers. HFA can supply commercial quantities of Hemp grain for distribution (minimum order quantities), and broker forward contracting opportunities.

If you are interested in sourcing either conventional or organic Hemp seed and grain, please enquire below.

Sowing Seed Supply

High quality DPI Registered Industrial Hemp varieties available for all regions of Australia, both grain, fibre and dual purpose production.

Processed Grain Supply

We have the ability to supply bulk quantities of whole and processed hemp grain. Each crop we produce can be pre-purchased to cover your expected demand.

End Markets

Our Australian grown hemp is sourced and supplied into a large range of end products which are distributed domestically and globally. Our experience in meeting our buyers requirements for processed hemp materials extends over six years.



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